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Intelliscript’s operations are not confined to one physical address. This is deliberately done to counter any contingency that could potentially hamper the operations. This has been one of our unique strategies to ensure timely delivery of work even under extreme situations like storms, indefinite power outages, and unexpected technical issues. We have our own office at Columbia Station, OH that can accommodate 15 transcriptionists with a separate secure server room.

We have three other production centers in South Asia that can accommodate more than 50 people in total. We have a power backup including uninterrupted power supply from a diesel generator and a redundant 5 hour UPS backup. We have multiple high speed internet connections to ensure 0% downtime.

We also have multiple redundant servers hosted and have a secure backup where we back up data for a limited period in compliance with HIPAA. All our computer systems are Windows based and we have all the requisite software tools from Word processors to Stedman’s dictionaries to Quick Look drug index. In addition, all voice players, text editors, and typing tools are installed on every system.