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Medical Summarization

Having established itself as a reliable transcription service provider close to a decade, Intelliscript now has widened its offerings to extend into the LPO domain as well - medical records review and summarization being some of the main specializations. The team is competent in handling an array of tasks including records review, medical chart review, medical chart organization, medical chart conversions, and medical chart indexing. We run the scanned PDF records through an OCR process, decipher and summarize by aligning page numbers to the file. We do everything to simplify your task.

The team’s immense knowledge of medical terminology and familiarity with medical transcription enables them in the quick segregation and sorting of information based on specific user needs. The users therefore may not have to sift through tons of data but they just get what they need ensuring much quicker decision making.

Why Us?

  • Already a reputed player in the transcription business for 9 years.
  • Owned and managed by professionals with over 10 years in the healthcare BPO business.
  • Experienced team with a thorough understanding of the process.
  • Meticulous in quality and consistent in turnaround time.
  • A 100% self owned US based entity with an offshore presence.


We charge $1.5 to $3 per page depending on the type of summary required and we can also work out a volume rebate once we get going. We shall also extend a 5% discount on our first invoice.