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Medical Transcription

This has been our main domain area. We consider ourselves very specialized in offering medical transcription services and we have processed close to 10 million reports to this date. The team is familiar with almost every medical specialty and has dealt with all report types from office notes to consultations, discharge summaries to complicated operative procedures in addition to elaborate Records Review and IMEs for multiple clients. Each and every member is aware of the demands of the healthcare industry, the healthcare standards and compliances and strictly adheres to the same.

General Transcription

We have an exclusive tie-up with a Canadian company and have a specialized team to handle transcription of annual general meetings, quarterly company updates, conference calls, interviews, panel discussions, sermons, etc.

A major French pharmaceutical company had chosen Intelliscript from many other applicants to transcribe its Annual Advisory Board Meeting that lasted over 6 hours. The panel included several eminent diabetologists and pharmacists speaking at random and a highly accurate transcript was delivered in record time!

Inventory Loss Estimation Transcription

We have recently added another dimension to our transcription services - Transcription of Inventory. The job involves transcribing in detail all that the surveying agent (assessor) dictates from a property / facility that has undergone damage due to natural calamities (storm, etc) or accidents (fire, etc). The purpose of this task is to estimate the accurate insurance claim value for every item damaged / destroyed as a result of the calamity. The team is well versed in picking up the minutest details of every item being dictated from brand names to model numbers of a variety of items be it furniture, antiques, general household items, toys, electrical appliances or gadgets, and compiling them meticulously on a spreadsheet in a predefined format. We have turned around lengthy and complex inventory loss reports within 24-48 hours!