Medical Transcription & EHRs: The Benefits of Blended Healthcare Roles in 2023

Electronic health records (EHRs) have brought significant changes to the healthcare industry, including the role of medical transcriptionists.

While the adoption of EHRs has impacted the traditional role of medical transcriptionists, it has also created new opportunities. Medical transcriptionists can now work as EHR specialists, helping healthcare providers manage patient information in the EHR. They can assist with data entry, ensure data accuracy, and provide training and support for electronic medical record systems. Medical transcriptionists can also work as medical scribes, working directly with physicians to input patient information into the EHR during a patient visit.

In this blog, we will discuss EHR, its strengths, limitations, and how leveraging both EHRs and medical transcription services in USA can benefit your healthcare business in 2023.

What are Electronic Health Records or EHRs?

Electronic health records, or electronic medical reports, are digital versions of paper charts that contain all of a patient’s medical history from multiple healthcare providers. EHRs are useful for tracking and monitoring disease trends, patient care outcomes, diagnosis, medications, test results, discharge summaries, and identifying areas for quality improvement with ease. They allow healthcare providers to access patient information from any location, which has revolutionized the way healthcare is delivered.

The adoption of EHRs has been increasing rapidly, with more than 85% of office-based physicians using EHRs in the US.

Advantages of Electronic Health Records

As healthcare continues to evolve, EHRs are likely to become even more prevalent and essential in the delivery of high-quality, efficient care. Here are the top 4 advantages of using electronic health records in 2023:

1) Increased Efficiency

EHRs increase the efficiency of healthcare delivery by reducing the time and effort required to manage patient records. They automate many routine tasks, such as scheduling appointments, ordering tests, and sending reminders, freeing healthcare providers to focus on patient care.

2) Enhanced Communication

EHRs streamline communication between healthcare providers, patients, and other stakeholders by enabling healthcare providers to share patient data securely, improving coordination of care, and reducing the risk of errors. Additionally, EHRs also enable patients to access their medical records, empowering them to take a more active role in their own care.

3) Improved Data Management

Electronic health records simplify the management of healthcare data, making it effortless to collect, store, and access patient information. Additionally, electronic medical records enable enhanced data sharing and interoperability, allowing healthcare providers to exchange patient data smoothly across different systems and locations.

4) Cost Savings

EHRs offer great potential for cost savings for healthcare providers by reducing expenses associated with paper-based record keeping, such as printing, storage, and transport. Moreover, EHRs can prevent unnecessary costs by eliminating the need for duplicate tests and procedures. They can also help providers manage chronic conditions effectively, which in turn reduces the expenses associated with avoidable hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

No doubt, electronic medical records have significant benefits over traditional paper-based records, but the challenges associated with implementing and using EHRs cannot be overlooked.

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Inventory Loss Estimation Transcription

We have recently added another dimension to our transcription services – Transcription of Inventory. The job involves transcribing in detail all that the surveying agent (assessor) dictates from a property / facility that has undergone damage due to natural calamities (storm, etc) or accidents (fire, etc). The purpose of this task is to estimate the accurate insurance claim value for every item damaged / destroyed as a result of the calamity. The team is well versed in picking up the minutest details of every item being dictated from brand names to model numbers of a variety of items be it furniture, antiques, general household items, toys, electrical appliances or gadgets, and compiling them meticulously on a spreadsheet in a predefined format. We have turned around lengthy and complex inventory loss reports within 24-48 hours!