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Intelliscript has been a name synonymous with high-quality transcription services. In an industry that has experienced turbulence over the last decade or so, we have been able to stand firm overcoming all challenges along the way. We have had our focus on transcription specializing in every type of transcription namely Medical, Legal, Medicolegal, and General. We also applied our transcription skills in disciplines such as captioning and subtitling.

Captioning / Subtitling

Closed Captioning is a necessity by law for video broadcasters, in order to make video content accessible to the deaf and the blind community. Intelliscript provides cost effective offline captioning services, with quick turn-around times. For online video producers, educational videos or online media, closed captions come in handy because of the potential of large number of viewe --->Read more


Transcription is incomplete without proofreading. Proofreading is a standard procedure in all our transcription assignments which not only ensures our documents are error free but also enhances the readability of the entire text. Our proofreaders are thorough in grammar and punctuation with an eye for detail and have an immense contextual understanding which is an important trait in proofreading. --->Read more

General Transcription

We are well versed in transcribing video and audio interviews on any subject or theme. General Transcription unlike Medical or Legal requires precise time coding of every question and response to ensure perfect synchronization of subtitles with the video frames. It demands a lot of patience and attention to detail with a superlative listening skills to decipher what is spoken in a noisy environme --->Read more

Legal Transcription

Our legal transcription business consists of providing attorneys with legal paperwork in the area of sworn testimonies, transcripts, oaths, depositions, exhibits, filings, and any and all preparations to proceed to trial. As the attorneys prepare their strategy for trial, we prepare their paperwork to insure a victory. We our familiar with the laws that govern providing sworn testimony and can dep --->Read more

Medical Transcription

This has been our main domain area since the time we commenced our business. We consider ourselves the best in offering medical transcription services and we have processed over 20 million reports to this day. We have a very experienced team comprising of professionals with at least 15 years of transcription experience with familiarity with almost every medical specialty and report type from offic --->Read more


Since June 2009, Intelliscript has been extending medical transcription training to the visually challenged people. We have partnered with a non-profit organization Sarthak founded by Dr. Jitender Agarwal who gave up his flourishing dentistry practice owing to a sudden visual impairment. We partnered with this NGO and conducted transcription training to the visually impaired. We feel so motivated --->Read more


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