General Transcription

We are well versed in transcribing video and audio interviews on any subject or theme. General Transcription unlike Medical or Legal requires precise time coding of every question and response to ensure perfect synchronization of subtitles with the video frames. It demands a lot of patience and attention to detail with a superlative listening skills to decipher what is spoken in a noisy environment. Our guys have mastered this due to prolonged exposure to such assignments with the most demanding of clients. We have been the choice of many field producers associated with big media corporations such as BBC and CNN, who send their video shoots for transcription with time coding. We also undertake transcription of conference calls, interviews, panel discussions, and even church sermons. Sanofi, a major French pharmaceutical company, had chosen Intelliscript for Real-Time transcription of their Annual Advisory Board Meeting that lasted over 6 hours. The panel included several eminent diabetologists and pharmacists speaking randomly and a highly accurate transcript was delivered in record time!


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