The Secret Tool Your SEO Strategy is Missing: Converting your audio into text!

Post Date :November 16, 2023

Effective SEO strategies and transcription services seem like a far-fetched idea in 2023.
But did you know that transcribing your audio or video to text can double your ROI (return on investment) by boosting your search engine ranking?
And with the growing competition, you must take all the shots!!
After all, you only have a couple of seconds to influence your website visitors. That’s why you shouldn’t overlook this powerful tool in your SEO strategy; it may just be the -----Read More

Frequently Asked Questions About Transcription Services in USA

Post Date :September 18, 2023

General Transcription

Q 1. How is general transcription different from specialized transcription services?

Answer: While general transcription services cover a wide range of industries, specialized transcription focuses on niche sectors that require specialized knowledge. Specialized transcription often involves technical terminology, jargon, or specific industry requirements. General transcription, on the other hand, is broader in scope a-----Read More

All About General Transcription: Benefits, Types, Uses, & Future Scope

Post Date :September 18, 2023

What is General Transcription?

General transcription is the process of converting audio files/recordings (such as interviews, lectures, meetings, or podcasts on diverse subjects) into typed or written text. It involves listening to audio or video recordings (such as dictations, interviews, lectures, meetings, or podcasts) and accurately transcribing the content into a textual format. Read More

Medical Transcription & EHRs: The Benefits of Blended Healthcare Roles in 2023

Post Date :April 28, 2023

Electronic health records (EHRs) have brought significant changes to the healthcare industry, including the role of medical transcriptionists. While the adoption of EHRs has impacted the traditional role of medical transcriptionists, it has also created new opportunities. Medical transcriptionists can now work as EHR specialists, helping healthcare providers manage patient information in the EHR. They can assist with data entry, ensure data accuracy, and provide training and support for elect-----Read More

Inventory Loss Estimation Transcription

Post Date :November 21, 2020

We have recently added another dimension to our transcription services – Transcription of Inventory. The job involves transcribing in detail all that the surveying agent (assessor) dictates from a property / facility that has undergone damage due to natural calamities (storm, etc) or accidents (fire, etc). The purpose of this task is to estimate the accurate insurance claim value for every item damaged / destroyed as a result of the calamity. The team is well versed in picking up the minutest -----Read More


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